Successful Selling Strategies

As a boutique agency we take the time to get to know our customers in order to give you a stress free selling experience with fast turnaround.

You will be supported through the sale to settlement process with your My Home Property agent guiding you through every step of the selling process. Some of the key steps and decision points include:

Appraisal and setting a price
Using our in-depth market knowledge, research and information from local, comparable sales, My Home Property will provide you with an estimated selling range in which we think your property will sell. The price is also determined by the property’s:

  • location
  • size
  • age
  • condition
  • style

Methods of sale
We will look at all the options including auction, private sale, expressions of interest and off-market sales before recommending the most appropriate approach for your property.

  • Private sale

When you sell your home by private sale, My Home Property will provide extensive research to help you set a price and the property is listed for sale at that price. Whilst the price is negotiable My Home Property will help you set a price that attracts the most amount of potential buyers ensuring you get over the asking price. My Home Property will discuss the pros and cons of showing or hiding the asking price during the marketing campaign.

The process of a private sale offers the following benefits:

    • Greater control over the sale
    • Time to consider offers by potential purchasers
    • The easy ability to extend the time for which your home is for sale
    • The fact that potential purchasers must make offers for your property without knowing what other buyers think it is worth

When a property is sold by private sale, the buyer has a five day cooling-off period during which they may withdraw from the sale. My Home Property’s agents work closely with the buyer to avoid this risk.
Buyers often make their offers subject to conditions such as finance, pest inspections and/or due diligence of the repairs and maintenance required on the property.
If a conditional contract is accepted then the property is officially “Under Contract”. The marketing of the property would still continue until the property goes unconditional. If the contract conditions are not satisfied, then the buyer may elect to terminate the contract or endeavour to renegotiate on price.

  • Sale by auction

To sell through an auction process, the amount you want for the property is generally not revealed to potential buyers who are invited to attend the auction and bid for the property against other potential buyers. My Home Property’s auctioneers are experts at creating a sense of excitement and competition amongst bidders that results in the best price possible paid on the day.

Auctions offer the following benefits:

    • You do not have to disclose the selling price upfront
    • You have a set timetable, with an auction-day deadline to plan by
    • You can dictate the terms of sale
    • Bidders are cash buyers—they must enter into a contract upon the fall of the hammer and there is no cooling-off period
    • Auctions create buyer competition and can thereby achieve the highest possible price
    • They are highly suitable for genuinely different or special properties, especially those of high worth

At any auction, you can sell beforehand, on the day or afterwards—the choice is up to you, guided by the expert advice of your My Home Property agent.

  • Sale by public tender / expressions of interest

Public Tender/Expressions of Interest is whereby prospective parties are given a date by which they must submit their interest in the property prior to the seller needing to declare their expectation of the sale price. My Home Property would embark on an aggressive marketing campaign to create a sense of urgency prior to the tender’s closing date.

This method of sale is effective in the event that there is a lack of comparable sales data available or challenging market conditions.

Whilst very similar to an auction, My Home Property does not usually recommend this method of sale. Unlike an auction, a public tender does not benefit from the open competition created between buyers and buyers might make their offers subject to conditions as indicated above in a private sale which exposes the seller to the potential failure of these.

All options will be discussed with you and whether selling by private treaty, auction or public tender, My Home Property will guide you through each step of the process.

Setting the date
This involves taking into consideration your needs, local market factors and the strengths of your individual property. We will work with you to determine the date that optimises a sale result.

Preparing your home for sale
My Home Property offers all clients complimentary access to a professional stylist who will spend time with you to discuss how to present your property at its best. In addition to this professional service we also advise you consider the information contained in our section Getting Ready to Sell.

When it comes to marketing, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Each property has unique features and we work in consultation with you to highlight your property’s individual attributes via multiple mediums. This means potential buyers are seeing property profiles via a broad range of online marketing and traditional advertising vehicles that are rich in information and interactivity.

Buyer inspection
In consultation with you, your sales team will devise a plan for opening your home to potential buyers. Depending on your method of sale, this may be a set schedule over a four weekend period or by private inspection only.

Final sale
Recognised for our strong negotiation skills, My Home Property will discuss all aspects of the final sale with you whether planning auction day tactics or discussing the submission of offers through a more discreet sales process.

Our goal is always the same – to deliver an outstanding result.