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Whilst we are sorry to see you go we understand that people move. If you are planning to move out of one of our properties please complete the attached form and return it to: admin@myhomeproperty.com.au or 242 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne Q 4171.

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Get That Bond Back!

An Exit Inspection Cleaning Guide for Tenants

Naturally both tenants and the managing agents dislike the time and expense of arranging additional cleaning after the lease is finished. To assist we’ve provided the following checklist. It’s certainly recommended and in your best interest to ensure the following items are attended to prior to vacating and handing back the keys. This will help avoid the need to call you back or to make deductions from your bond.

General requirements
  • Curtains, Venetians and blinds to be cleaned, washed or dry-cleaned according to fabric and as required
  • Insect screens to be removed carefully and hosed or brushed
  • Windows, window sills & tracks to be vacuumed & cleaned
  • Doors, doorframes & tracks to be left clean and undamaged
  • Marks to be removed from walls with sugar soap or similar product
  • Cobwebs to be removed from ceiling cornices & walls
  • All light fittings to be cleaned and free from insects
  • All floors and skirting boards to be washed
  • All ceiling fans throughout to be free from dust (if applicable)
  • Clean all mirrors throughout including wardrobe door mirrors (if applicable)
  • All exhaust fans throughout the property to be cleaned
  • Air vents to be dusted
  • All vertical blind strings to be attached and secure
  • All items on inventory to be accounted for (if applicable)
  • Air Conditioners and filters to be cleaned (if applicable)
  • The oven and griller cleaned and lined with foil. Drip trays to be cleaned of all grease
  • Range hood cleaned including the filters (where applicable)
  • All cupboards cleaned inside and out (don’t forget the tops of the cupboards!)
  • Sink taps and disposal unit (if applicable) cleaned and polished
  • Walls and tiled areas to be free from grease
  • All benches and floors to be cleaned and free from grease (don’t forget the corners)
  • The dishwasher left clean. Wipe over internal door, remove debris from bottom drainer (if applicable)
  • Refrigerator to be defrosted and all surfaces to be cleaned, including shelves and crisper drawers, switch
  • Appliance off at the wall and leave door ajar (if applicable)
Bathroom & Ensuites
  • Shower recess to be scrubbed
  • Grouting to be free of all soap residue & mildew
  • Shower curtain (if applicable) to be washed and shower screen to be cleaned
  • All plugholes are to be clean and free from debris
  • Mirrors to be wiped over
  • All drawers and cupboards to be cleaned
  • Toilet to be cleaned thoroughly, including bowl, lid, seat, cistern and behind the toilet.
  • Washing machine and clothes dryer filter to be cleaned out
  • Clean under laundry tub and clean plughole
  • Cupboards to be cleaned thoroughly inside & out
  • Lawns to be mowed and edges trimmed within 2 to 3 days of vacating (if applicable)
  • (please don’t dump grass clippings or tree off cuts in garden beds or behind sheds)
  • Flower beds and pebble areas to be weeded (if applicable)
  • No rubbish to be left in the gardens or around the property (if applicable)
  • All garbage bins to be emptied and washed cleaned
  • Driveways, carports, garages and any concrete areas to be free from oil and grease stains
  • Garage floor area to be swept and cobwebs removed
  • Cobwebs to be removed from outside eaves, awning & ceilings (where applicable)
Pest control
  • If pets have been kept on the premises then you must have the property professionally pest controlled for fleas inside and out and produce a receipt to our office.
  • Carpets are to be professionally cleaned and a carpet receipt produced to our office with the return of the keys. Please note: If you choose not to use our offices’ recommended carpet cleaners you could be liable to have the carpets re-cleaned should they not meet our standard of cleanliness.
  • Damage that occurs due to the tenants’ neglect must be rectified at the tenants cost.
  • Contact Energex for final reading of electricity supply
  • Disconnect the telephone
  • Disconnect any pay TV and broadband connections
  • Redirect your mail address – forms at Australia Post.


What does “Clean” and “Fair Wear & Tear” mean?

Carrying out a Final Inspection when tenants vacate the property involves comparing the Entry Condition Report completed at the commencement of the tenancy with the final condition in which the tenants leave the property at the end of their tenancy. Legislation states that the tenant must leave the property in the same condition as it was at the commencement of the tenancy, taking into consideration Fair Wear & Tear.
As Property Managers this is a challenge we deal with every time our tenants vacate. Our office has very high expectations and standards when it comes to carrying out the final inspections. It’s our expectation that the property is to be left in as near as the same condition as it was at the commencement of each tenancy.
What does Fair Wear & Tear mean? We must first determine if the property has been left clean as we’re often told of marks claimed to be “fair wear and tear” but can be cleaned off. The definition of Fair Wear Tear is: “Minor Signs of usage over a protracted period of time”.

Areas that are not considered Fair Wear &Tear:

  • Holes in fly screens
  • Marks/damage to carpets
  • Marks/damage to walls which include inside robes
  • Marks/damage to drapes
  • Dead insects in light fittings
  • Dusty/dirty window tracks, door tracks and robe tracks
  • Chipped tiles

Our simple policy is this: “If it’s clean and undamaged when tenants move in, then we expect it to be in the same condition when they move out.”

Any items not attended to at the final inspection will be rectified at your cost.

LIGHT GLOBES – Please ensure that all blown light globes are changed with working globes to avoid a tradesperson changing these at your expense. A tradesperson’s minimum call out fee is $66.00 plus the cost of light globes.

We also ask that you leave the electricity connected for 7 business days after vacating for your Bond Inspection to be finalised.

Recommended Cleaners

Safe Clean (Carpets and pest control) 07 3823 2333
Morning Dew (Cleaners) 1800 800 339
Stacey’s Cleaning Service (Cleaners) 0421 747 316

The recommended cleaners are heavily booked each month. We advise that you contact them immediately once you have decided to vacate to ensure prompt service. When contacting the cleaners please advise them that they are to complete an exit clean. Payment is to be made directly to the tradesperson and is not to be taken from the Bond

Rent will be payable until the keys are returned to our office.

All mail is to be redirected to your new address, please contact Australia Post. Ay mail received after your vacate date will be returned to sender.

Utility companies must be contacted for final readings and the final accounts must be sent to your forwarding address and not to My Home Property

Utilities Contact Information

Telstra 13 22 00
Optus 13 39 37
AGL 131 245
Origin 13 24 63
AGL 131 245
Origin 13 24 63


Appliance Manuals

Instructions for appliances are kept in the kitchen draw.


It is strongly recommended that each tenant take out insurance on their own contents. It is the tenant’s responsibility not the landlords to ensure the tenant’s belongings are adequately insured.

Executive Rentals

Recognised as one of Brisbane’s foremost Property management operations. My Home Property is renowned for their unparalleled access to leading corporations and discerning individuals seeking quality homes and apartments across all price ranges.

While we do manage all kinds of properties we have created a specialised service, which focuses on executive leasing and prestige property management.

We have developed strong relationships with relocation agents making us their first port of call when seeking to relocate executives.